Mediumship is the ability to see other layers of the reality, than the layers that are normally visible to the naked eye. Through mediumship you can gain information about a persons life, health, relationship, job, interested, past, present, future, problems, potential opportunities etc. Essentially you gain a look at your own subconscious and unknown being, and there can be bits of informations that can present new perspectives on things you otherwise haven’t been able to grasp before now.

The information comes from the human’s extended corpus; the layers of thoughts and emotions that each of us consists of, besides the physical body. To be a Medium means to be able to access the information in these layers.

The amount of information that comes through is determined by yourself and the Medium. What this means is that there will never surface information that isn’t intended at improving your situation. The intelligence you posses in the so-called non-physical layers ensure that this is the case. A session with a medium should therefore leave you enriched with ideas, tools and inspiration pertaining to your current life situation.

If you come to a session with me, you’ll experience strong ethical and moral standards, as well as a humoristic atmosphere. The messages will be delivered clear and concise, using me as a channel. I will, in collaboration with the spiritual world, pass on the messages that you need in your life right now. It is up to the sprititual world, not me, to determine what messages I can pass on and what answers I can get.

Sometimes, when I am working with the spiritual world, a deceased will come through. As a Medium, I am capable of hearing messages from the non-physical world. The world of Souls. It isn’t like the clear words that we know in our daily life, but rather it feelts like thoughts, ideas and signs. These bits and pieces of information is communicated to me telepathically in my mind and my body interprets them as speech, visions or as feels or physical sensations. There will often be used a lot of words and phrases, which I wouldn’t normally choose. This happens because the deceased will try to describe him- or herself, through me, in a manner that will enable you to recognize the person. When you have identified the deceased, I’ll let that person come through to deliver the message to you with love and conciseness.

It is my experience that they are usually waiting on the other side to come in contact with their loved ones, and if necessary, can provide a pad on the back to help you move on in life.

NOTE: If you do not wish to have a deceased come through, this can be avoided if you actively ask for it.

Overall, it is important for me, that the client feel welcome and is open to the spiritual world’s messages and doesn’t expect anything in particular – not even from the deceased. The reason for this is that mediumship is an aid and a contact, if you feel you are stuck in your life and need help to move on or to get messages from your loved ones, if so desired.

Mediumship gives you the information and the opportunities, but it doesn’t decide for you. You always have your free will and can make your own choices on how to live life however you see fit.

A session takes around 45 minutes.