Healing and act of laying on hands, have been practiced in many forms up through history. When you are getting healed by me, it starts by you telling me about the problems, physical or psychological, that you experience in your everyday life.

After that, you lie on a couch, where I will guide you to a meditative state. Herafter I will send healing to you, using my own body and hands. The actual healing happens via the spritual world. Healing can help with pains and problems, to aid you in living your life as normal as you wish. Sometimes the pains can be alleviated in their entirety.

To me, healing is amazing. It provides you with a sense of calm and gives you a nice, serene energy. Not everybody can put words on how it helps them, but, they usually feel that they become better at coping with stress and the everyday problems and overall just get more joy in their lives again.


A healing sessions kan take between 30 to 60 minutes.