About me

My name is Heidi Thron. Clairvoyant and Medium. 49 years old and believe I am a well-functioning mom of three. Before the spiritual work entered my life, I worked as a store manager within fashion – an industry I’ve been in for more than 20 years. In my thirties i settled down in France for 1 1/2 years in order to truly find myself.

I took my spiritual education with the famous danish Clairvoyant, Maya Fridan, who’s known from TV, where she has participated in shows such as “Sense of Murder” and she’s also known from her collaboration with Billy Cook. This was a very conscious choice as the other side kept contacting me more and more.

This is how it started for me

The first time I became familiar with the deceased, was when my grandfather told me stories about life after death. This happened when I was just a little girl, and it felt so natural to me.

When he died, he chose to appear in full figure at my grandma’s place. I was only 13 at the time and was very surprised by it. The episode resulted in me not visiting her for several months, as the experience affected me deeply, as my grandpa was very dear to me.

As I think back, that was the time I realized that I was different from other kids. I rememeber that when he lived, he had explained that once he would be gone, he wouldn’t really be gone. He asked me to call for him if he died, and I needed him by my side. He said that I might not be able to see him, but that I would then feel or smell him. In later years, scent has been his preferred way to appear.

Afterwards, the spiritual life has truly been affirmed by so many occassions in my private life, ever since i embarked on the spiritual journey.

Can honestly say that I am right where I need to be in my life. The satisfaction it gives to be the mediator between the spiritual side and this life, to see others get answers and hear from their loved ones – there simply is no words for my gratitude.

2013 –          : Arthur Findlay College
2014 – 2014: Bach-Therapist education w. Susanne Løfgren
2012 – 2013: Billy Cook’s mediumship education
2011 – 2012: The all-round education in kinesiologi and healing
2011 – 2012: Maya Fridan’s clairvoyant education.

2018 – Advanced Mediumship with Eamonn Downey
2018 – Trance mediumship and cabinet with Lynn Cortell
March-April 2017: Mediumship with Eamonn Downey
September 2016: Spirituality & Scientific Research with Eamonn Downey & Professor Chris Roe
April 2016: Mediumship with Eamonn Downey
September 2015: Polish the Professional at the Arthur Findlay College with Simone KeysLynn Cottrell & Eamonn Downey
August 2015: Advanced Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College with Tony Stockwell
October 2014: Advanced Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College
October 2014: Adv. Mediumship w/ Eamonn Downey, Jackie Wright & John Johnson
September 2014: Seminar i mediumship v/Les Hendersen & Donna Stewart
Juni 2014: Weekend seminar in trance mediumshop w/ Tim Abbott
April 2014: Weekend seminar in drawing the deceased w/ Debbie Dean
September 2012: Weekend seminar in clairvoyance & mediumship w/ Billy Cook
March 2012: Weekend seminar in clairvoyance & mediumship w/ Gordon Smith

Member of Clairvoyant Union Denmark
Member of Spiritualist National Union